How 7 generous humans helped make me a thriving copywriter

If you’re reading this, two things have happened.

My freshly minted 4Words Copywriting website is live – cue sigh of relief from the world’s most patient web developer (more on her later).

The embargo on unpacking my new MacBook is lifted – cue last gasps from my venerable ancient Mac that stayed alive long enough to type these words.

Listen to your inner freelancer

When I tottered into my last ever corporate job interview in my ‘big girl’ shoes and a classic black dress, my inner freelancer stamped her sneakered foot and yelled ‘NOoooooo! She won. I didn’t get the job, and 4Words was born.

4Words Copywriting turns six this month. I’m immensely grateful to have a thriving small business that’s absorbing and fun to run.

To paraphrase Dr Seuss, ‘we’re in pretty good shape for the shape we’re in.’

I have lots of people to thank for this.

7 ‘mille mercis’ and 7 essential lessons

As first birthday champagne drenches the virtual bow of my newly launched website, it’s time to send some huge cyber hugs and some ‘mille mercis’ (a gazillion grateful ‘thanks.)

My freelance copywriting life is richer in every sense for the help and advice these seven generous, talented humans gave me.

‘Clever Lizzy’ Pepper from Lizzy Pepper Marketing who convinced me to launch 4Words before I had business cards or a website.

What I learned from Lizzie.

Don’t wait until ‘everything’ is in place

It never will be, and it doesn’t matter. Start writing, clients are out there, and word of mouth works wonders.

Dune Haggar who skilfully captured my brand of quirky minimalism on business cards and the first 4Words website.

What I deduced from Dune:

Look out for laconic kiwis with Sci-Fi inspired monikers

Chances are they’ll be deadly graphic designers with top tastes in coffee.

David Metcalf at BirdBrain who threw me in the deep end with my first enormous copy jobs and gave me priceless advice on what and how to charge.

What I learned by working for David.

Write for a great agency

There’s no better place to master pace, get past your panic, and grasp the big digital marketing picture.

Kate Toon, Head Chef at the SEO Recipe for Success and Boss Copy Beast at the Clever Copywriting School

Why I’ll never stop learning from Kate.

Learn from the best

Kate is the universe’s kindest, smartest, funniest, hardest working Duchess of Digital Everything.

Her SEO training is the total biz. Her Clever Copywriters’ group is chock full of warm, wise wordsmiths. Some of my loveliest, longstanding clients found me in the Clever Copywriting School’s Directory.

Jules Rick at Web and Print Hub who designed and built this super new website and has the thankless task of managing my social media.  Her focus and patience and gentle, understated creativity make her a joy to work with.

What Jules has taught me.

Work with quiet achievers

They get great results with zero fuss. No problem is too gnarly, no delay insurmountable, no last-minute tweaks too maddening.

Lisa Cropman at The Word Nest whose savvy, creative editing and impeccable proofing sharpened and polished my website copy.

What I learned while looking for Lisa.

Trust your gut

I looked at loads of potential editors. Intuition told me that Lisa’s experience and energy made her the perfect fit for my work, and I was right. Instinct is an invaluable asset when you’re choosing your collaborators from a crowded field.

Audrey Guillou, artisan photographe de Questembert who shot the merry website images of Ginger cat and me at work in our tiny upstairs office overlooking Place du Marchix.

What I learned from Audrey’s photos.

Be yourself

Because as Oscar Wilde didn’t actually say, but could have, ‘everybody else is taken.’

Over to you

Who and what has boosted your freelance career?

How good is your gut feeling?

Leave me a comment – I’d love you to hear from you.