Am I your kind of copywriter?

I write succinct, smiley SEO friendly copy for businesses that want to sell stuff people who want to make a difference.

If you help people get well and stay well or build their brilliant careers, we’re likely to click.

If you make simply beautiful things – wine, jewellery, images, machinery, jam, we’re probably on the same page.

If you champion green technologies or find elegant solutions to complex problems, we could make a great match.

Fresh, affordable, copywriting for small businesses with heart and smarts

SEO Copywriting

As an SEO copywriter I start with the art of engaging people. Then I apply the science that impresses search engines. You get wow-worthy words that warm your target humans and cool copy optimised for Google.

Blog Copywriting

As a wily ghost blogger I magic dot points into polished posts you’d write yourself if you had time and talent. I help you build your brand with blogs so fresh and tasty everyone will want a piece of them.


I write whatever you need. Brochures, press articles, media releases, product descriptions, sales emails, newsletters, and tag lines. Clear, clever, consistent messages wherever you are, every time.


I’ve worn many managerial and project managing hats in my time. So, I’m here when you need training materials, award submissions, annual reports, capability statements, recruiting docs to help you grow your business.

Creative, reliable, versatile, fast

4Words Blog

How to make fewer words have more meaning

Pas trop cuit – in praise of underdone

Pas trop cuit – in praise of underdone

'Pas trop cuit' (not too cooked) is my default setting for food and copy. Nevertheless, I took yonks to pluck up the courage to ask formidable (that's French for 'fab' and English for 'scary') Madame de G my Boulanger for a baguette 'pas trop cuite.' First, she...

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Thank You

Thank You

How 7 generous humans helped make me a thriving copywriter If you’re reading this, two things have happened. My freshly minted 4Words Copywriting website is live – cue sigh of relief from the world’s most patient web developer (more on her later). The embargo on...

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